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If you’ve ever spent hours and hours setting up a website on REVERBNATION, SOUNDCLOUD or others, ripping files down to .MP3 format, loading them back up to the site, or tracking down legitimate sites to review your music – then you know why we’re here!

What I offer is a way to pass all that “tracking” work off to me… & since I’ve been doing it for so long, you can rest assured that the work WILL be DONE, accurately & on-time! What you need is a Musician’s Virtual Assistant (or MVA) – because, like it or not, these are tasks that MUST be DONE!

If you are (at all) like me, what you do NOT want is a helper who is “evasive”, or can’t “talk straight”.  So, without further ado – please visit the HELP PACKAGES page to get the skinny on just what we can do that will allow you to focus on what’s most important to any player – CREATING and PLAYING MUSIC!!!!







Some of our CLIENTS:

Ron Jackson    Pat Battstone  Sweet Lu Olutosin

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