Music Management

We are here because you don't have TIME to do all those "llittle things" that will make you successful- we manage them for you!

Real Tracking

Every action done on your behalf is tracked and made available to you with only one CLICK!

Real Results

Our services allow you to do what you do best! Create and play MUSIC, while we get you RESULTS!!

"This service is what every busy musician needs. Especially those that are not experts at doing web based things.."

"Sure I can do most of these tasks, but each task takes me hours whereas it takes Dick minutes! and an hour of my “spare” time means 2 days. Additionally, Dick has setup a web site for me for about 5% of the cost that my previous one did. Add in that he knows who to get reviews for your music, who will play it ( given that some music is not NPR material . Ive known Dick for a few years and he has always impressed me as being the Real Deal. So seeing his service on FB was a relief for me. And with his modest prices, it was not even a second thought" - Pat Battstone

Some of Our Clients

Why Choose Us.

- We offer multiple plans to assist you in your music management needs.

- Simple pricing.

- Upfront deliverables.

- Consulting.

- And many years of experience.


Basic plan
*Requires 3 month commitment
* Establishment of your own (personal) DB/tracking tool
*Up to 3 SKYPE calls weekly (15 minutes) for progress reports
*A quick site review for your site
*Daily, weekly or more frequent (you choose) progress and status reports
*Automatic expanded/featured review on Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Intermediate plan
*Requires 6 month commitment
*All Basic/Intermediate plan features PLUS...
*RN fan and message management
*2 blog posts per month to your site on REVERBNATION
*15 updates per month to your site(s)
Deluxe plan
*Requires 12 month commitment
*All Basic/Intermediate plan features PLUS...
*Domain and website setup
*Store setup for digital and hardcopy CD sales
*2 FB postings with #hashtags

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