You may have noticed that there are quite a few posts regarding the music of my keyboard-playing friend Andrzej Rejman from Poland lately… that’s because beautiful music such as he plays merits full-ahead attention from listeners everywhere.  You’ll agree, I’ve no doubt when you listen to his piano and Sofiya Fedyna’s vocal on the tune below…. ENJOY!!!

“I saw a star slide down the sky
Blinding the north as it went by
Too burning and too quick to hold
Too lovely to be bought or sold
Good only to make wishes on
And then forever to be gone”


E.A.R. (Electroacoustic Roar)

Here’s a “new” discovery… what a truly beautiful project… the song I’m reviewing first is “Peace“, which features grand jazz vocal work by Ewa (vocals), as well as superb keyboards by Andrzej, and Raf on Bass guitar.  The pace is laid-back, but the intensity levels established by the high-talent musicians takes me back to my first days in jazz listening, when the excitement levels were so high… in other words, it takes quite a bit to get me “stirred up” these days (approaching 70, ya’ know).  My favorite tune from this outing is, strangely enough, “In The End/Pop Pastische“, featuring some great electric piano work from Andrzej!  I just loved this tune, and have no doubt that you will, too, if you’re a jazz listener who understands how important it is for the players to be connected with the spirits that are guiding them!  Spread the word about E.A.R Music.  It’s a group well-worth listening to!

GREAT improvised music from our friends in Poland!!!

Our friend pianist Andrzej Rejman sent this great video of a Live improvised session titled  “Improwaves”, featuring Katarzyna Karpowicz (koto), Paweł Prochnowski (guitar) and with Andrezej doing the piano work… I’m hoping I’ll be able to get the entire release in here for review in the next couple of months – but for now, enjoy this – & if you’re truly into improvised music, you will find this very satisfying!  Spread the word ’round to all you know who are so inclined, please: