Extended plan (discount) – $160 (one-time fee, for 12 months)

Includes the following services:

    Establishment of your own (personal) DB/tracking tool that allows us to communicate ideas, ask questions, and modify existing Projects/Sub-tasks, etc. (without needing to use email)  No one has access to this except you and me – (unless you ask me to add someone, of course)

     Up to 3 SKYPE calls weekly (15 minutes) for progress reports (calls that exceed that time will be billed, for any minutes over 15, at the hourly rate shown below)

     A quick site review, to provide you with suggestions on how to improve your music site (nothing would ever be posted unless YOU approved it personally, of course)

RN fan and message management; we respond to your new FANS and others who have sent messages to you!

      2 blog posts per month to your per-established site on  REVERBNATION (or other sites. like SOUNDCLOUD).  The way this works is you send me a “sketch” file, telling me what you want written… I write it up and then post it to your site (once you’ve approved it, and given me the appropriate level of access to your site).

     15 updates per month to your site(s); this includes conversion of your CD to .mp3 and upload; posting of reviews you’ve sent me (or sent me the links to); adding images, etc., to your site (or sites like AMAZON or CD Baby) for you, once you’ve given me access to those sites.  This also includes keeping your SHOW schedule up-to-date for you… you just use your DB to add a new task (or use email, if that’s your preferred method) with the “Who, What, Where, When & Why” information in it, and I add it to your SHOW schedule for you!

    We go through your RN profile and help you CONNECT with other players who have similar musical interests… this will help you boost your ratings on RN!

     Daily, weekly or more frequent (you choose) progress reports from your DB that show all actions I’ve taken for you, a copy of your current calendar, etc.

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