Bonazah and Sunny Village Foundation join forces at Microsoft’s Africa Day

Folks from Bonazah Community Development of Africa and the Sunny Village Foundation joined forces on 11 October, 2016, at Microsoft’s Commons Nonprofit Fair; Microsoft is a strong supporter of charities around the world – they encourage employees to donate freely throughout the year, and culminate the drive with an annual event in October of each year… this year’s theme was Africa Day, so it was a perfect setting for these two non-profit charities to join together in an effort to help those in African communities who are in need of our support. 

Travel to the Microsoft campus in Redmond was a miracle in itself… the week had been full of rain and sunless days, but on the 11th, everything turned out to be clear and wonderful.  The Bonazah contingent made it into the Commons cafeteria first, and setup the desk where we would share our message with (literally) thousands of Microsoft employees… here’s the first shot of our setup:




Microsoft made it really easy to do the setup, too… connection drops for free Internet service right by each desk they had setup for the charities participating… an individual BARCODE right on the table, so employees could just scan the code into their phones and make their contribution right from the phone… we couldn’t have asked for anything better.





Shortly after the setup, folks from the Sunny Village Foundation began to arrive, so naturally, we took a quick group shot together:









Microsoft had also gone full-out to ensure the day’s theme was well understood… they brought in a highly-spirited and talented group of African musicians to play the event… the group from the Seattle area and is called Maya Soleil, and you can watch a few seconds of their live performance right here… click on the link to visit their website:


As the lunch hour progressed, many folks began to stop by our booth, looking for information on how to contribute… here’s a group shot of the activity at the Bonazah/Sunny Village desk:

















Contributions have already been received from this gathering… our thanks go out to all who contributed, and those who picked up our materials for a possible future contribution to Bonazah/Sunny Village efforts to aid those in need in Africa.  We were proud to have been selected for this Microsoft event, and look forward to participating in many other events like it around the country.  If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please visit the Bonazah homepage and click the DONATE button.

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