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Lacey, WA July 30, 2014 — If you’ve ever spent hours and hours setting up a website on REVERBNATION, SOUNDCLOUD or other music distribution sites, ripping files down to .MP3 format, loading them back up to the site, or tracking down legitimate sites to review your music – then you know why we’re here!

What Zzaj-Trax offers is a way to pass all that “tracking” work off to them… & since they’ve been doing it for so long, you can rest assured that the work WILL be DONE, accurately & on-time! What you need is a Musician’s Virtual Assistant (or MVA) – because, like it or not, these are tasks that MUST be DONE if you want to succeed!

Owner Dick Metcalf has received several kudos for these services already; here are just a couple of them:

” I am excited and grateful to see that Dr. Zzaj is launching “musician’s assistant.” For decades, Zzaj has been the solid rock of open ears, open mind, meaningful commentary and creative vision, pushing forward the concepts and evolution of the creative’s musical worlds. And now he offers his continuous selfless service to all musicians, whether the great masters of jazz, or the obscure innovators. I am inspired and encouraged! The old wisdom saying is, “When you pray, move your feet!” And Dr. Zzaj is offering a pathway. Thank you!”…. LaDonna Smith, performing artist, Transmuseq

“When Dick told me he was thinking about offering a services package, I wanted to be the first in line to take advantage of his expertise. I’ve known and keept tabs on him since 2010 and I knew that whatever he offered would be both value-added and effecient. I’m glad to have Dick as a part of my team because I know he will give it to me straight and that’s exactly how any self-respecting Jazz artist needs it, Straight-no chaser.”… Sweet Lu, jazz singer

“I’ve known Dick for a few years and he has done great reviews my CD’s and others. Also interviewing me for his blog. Now I’m using his services because his rates very reasonble, he’s easy to talk to, does what he says he’s going to do and most of all, he’s a honest very guy. I’ve worked many people that say that they’ll move mountains for you but ended up kicking sand. Dick is the real deal. I’m looking forward to all the help he will give me.”… Ron Jackson, jazz guitarist

Here are some of the services offered in the various price packages provided by the new company:

Establishment of your own (personal) DB/tracking tool that allows communication of ideas, asking questions, and modification of existing Projects/Sub-tasks, etc. (without needing to use email) No one has access to this except you and Zzaj-Trax – a complete track record of all the work done to get your CD out there!

Up to 3 SKYPE calls weekly (15 minutes) for progress reports

A quick site review, to provide you with suggestions on how to improve your music site

2 blog posts per month to your pre-established site on REVERBNATION (or other sites. like SOUNDCLOUD).

15 updates per month to your site(s); this includes conversion of your CD to .mp3 and upload; tracking and posting of reviews you’ve received; adding images, etc., to your site (or sites like AMAZON or CD Baby) for you; this also includes keeping your SHOW schedule up-to-date

Daily, weekly or more frequent, progress reports from your DB that show all actions taken for you, a copy of your current calendar, etc.

Other services are available too, for a modest hourly rate!

The bottom-line-up-front is that as a musicians, you need to spend your time doing things that will help you become a better performer/player. Zzaj-Trax helps you with that by doing all those chores that need to be done to get the word out about your work – we DO IT for YOU!

Dick Metcalf
360-870-1128 (text only)

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