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Again – we will “cut to the chase” NOTE:  These are all “one-time” fees (except monthly site maintenance fee).  Just CLICK on the plan or add-on you want, then checkout!


Basic plan -$60/3 mo

This plan is for artists who have a CD release coming up and want to “test” our Musician’s Virtual Assistant services. Short-term, but you still get the excellent services we provide for players on the go!


Mid-grade plan – $85/6 mo

This plan is for artists who have a couple of projects in the mill, or who know they just need assistance in keeping up with all the chores they don’t have time to do themselves!


Extended plan (discount) – $160/12 mo

This plan is for artists who are so busy playing, touring, or on the stage, that they MUST have an assistant to help them keep their schedules and projects organized, up and running. It’s a $20 discount from the normal price of $180.00


All plans include the following services for the number of months shown:

     Establishment of your own (personal) DB/tracking tool

     Up to 3 SKYPE calls weekly (15 minutes) for progress reports

     A quick site review, to provide you with suggestions on how to improve your music site

     RN fan and message management!

      2 blog posts per month to your per-established site on  REVERBNATION

     15 updates per month to your site(s)

     RN profile CONNECTIONS

     Daily, weekly or more frequent (you choose) progress and status reports.


Add-on #1:  We setup a full website for you, with your own domain name (click to see plan detail, then CHECKOUT if you want to purchase)

Add-on #2:  Store – we setup a store on your site, so you can sell your CD’s


DELUXE package 1 – $650/12 months – MOST economical plan

DELUXE package 2 – $325/6 months – Second most economical plan


Any other tasks you need done can be done for a $12.00/hr rate…  

     A good example would be that you have a full-blown CONTACT list in a spreadsheet on your computer… you send me the spreadsheet, and I add it to the CONTACTS list in your personal DB – & I’m FAST, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much of your limited budget – but you won’t have to spend time that should be used for practice, or gigging… because I’ll do all that for you very quickly and accurately!

     For customers who aren’t players, we can also do digital conversions from vinyl and tape; you can ensure your old vinyl doesn’t get “lost in the shuffle” by having us digitize it for you!

     If you need help with your social media (FB, Twitter, etc.), you grant us ADMIN access, and we handle it for you (based on your direction, of course) – this is a BIG deal for artists who are serious about their music, because our work can help BOOST your ratings – and we are FAST!!!!

   Though we do NOT do promotion/publicity, if you don’t have time to do mail outs, just have the production company (CD Baby, Diskmakers, etc.) mail them to me, tell me the address(es) they need to be mailed to, and I will mail them out, track them and do review followups for you (in addition to the hourly rate, prep and postage costs would also be billed).

     Something that often gets overlooked is the PRESS RELEASE; believe it or not, this can be very important to your career.  I’ve been doing press releases for my own CD’s for many years, so I can definitely help you put together what you need for success!

     If you’re a brand-new artist, and don’t have a web presence yet, I can set you up a REVERBNATION page, with all the features they offer, for the hourly rate shown above (usually takes about 3 hours to setup a site).  After I’ve set it up for you, you can maintain the site yourself, or opt in to the one of the plans shown above.

IF you are INTERESTED – simply CLICK on the links for the various packages above…  & thanks for taking the time to check our services out!  Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to email me at


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